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      Eid collection | Eid dress | Pakistani clothes | Salwar kameez
      A Muslim starts feeling the warmth of Ramadan and the reward if EID when the month of Rajab starts.
      Our beloved prophet Peace be upon him would make this dua when Rajab would start
      "O Allah make the (months of )Rajab and Shaban blessed for us and let us reach (the month of ) Ramadan. i.e., so that we can reach Ramadan and gain the benefits and blessing of Ramadan."
      May Allah bless us all and and show us the month of Ramadan so we may reap the many benefits of our prayers.
      Eid collection | Eid dress | Pakistani clothes | Salwar kameezPakistani traditional salwar kameezChiffon salwar kameez for eidwhite Eid dressEid kurta
      Eid shopping hits a all time high midway during Ramadan and people start planning their Eid clothes or Eid dress. Areeba's Couture Eid collection is getting ready and will be available on our website soon. and instore after national lock down ends on non essential shops opens on 12th of April 2021.
      If your looking for your Eid dress or Eid salwar kameez for women online visit Areeba's Couture we also have Eid dress for girls, Eid salwar kameez for boys. and Gents salwar kameez suits.
      Shop Eid collection | Eid dress | Pakistani clothes | Salwar kameez at  Nadia K Collection of our website.