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What should you look in the Shalwar Kameez while online shopping

Short answer to that is: Line, Scale, Texture, Color. 

Lines in clothing are categorized into two – inside lines and outside lines.

The outside line creates and enhances your body shape as if you were a silhouette. For instance, a low-hip lehenga skirt will define your hips and make it look curvier, while a pencil skirt creates a slim, long, thin and tall silhouette.

Inside lines are further classified into vertical, horizontal , curves lines, and diagonal lines.


The scale is the balance between length, breadth, and height of a person’s body, such as the features and shapes. The proportion will help you choose the right fabric in terms of weight, texture, and color. For instance, for a tall and large frame, the heavily textured, bold and big printed fabric will suit perfectly.


Colors plays a very important role in designing the perfect Shalwar Kameez or lehenga. Colors add glow and confidence, make you look and feel great, and accentuate your best features. Buy colors that’ll suit you well and not make you look over-the-boundary. For instance, people who are voluptuous shouldn’t invest in golden, silver, and shimmery colors. Since colors create illusions, use darker shades to make your frame appear thin and small and lighter shades to make it appear heavy and tall.


Just like colors, the texture of the fabric enhances your outside bodyline. The pattern and the weight of the fabric also matter when selecting Shalwar Kameez. For instance, although silk is beautiful, it may make you appear heavy if not worn properly. On the other hand, if you are petite, you shouldn’t seek out highly textured fabrics or heavy dresses.

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